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Archives of Toxicology(研究方向:毒理学) (官网投稿)

Archives of Toxicology(月刊),创刊于1974年,出版国家为德国。该杂志提供有关毒理学最新进展的最新信息。该杂志特别强调了与化学物质的定义效应和毒性机制有关的研究,包括分子水平的毒性活性,人类和实验动物。覆盖范围包括对分析和毒代动力学以及法医毒理学的新见解。评论毒理学家普遍感兴趣的文章是杂志的另一个重要特征。
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Instructions for authors


Aims and Scope


The Archives of Toxicology aim to promote our understanding of toxic as well as pathophysiological mechanisms relevant to the mode of action of chemicals on human and mammalian cells and organisms. Particularly welcome are Short Communications, Review Articles, Original Articles, and Commentaries that focus on:


molecular mechanisms of toxic substances

in vitro techniques for toxicity testing and regulatory toxicology

advances in "omics" techniques for identification and classification of toxic substances

mechanisms and relevance of metabolic activation and inactivation


Additional information


Modern toxicology faces several major challenges. Firstly, the available toxicological data are insufficient for a large number of chemicals to which humans are exposed. Because our testing capacities are not sufficient to evaluate each individual compound or even mixtures of compounds in a reasonable time, new, more efficient techniques and testing strategies are required. Secondly, toxicology must keep pace with the rapidly growing knowledge about the molecular mechanisms responsible for adverse health effects because without this knowledge, toxicological risk evaluation will remain incomplete. Therefore, articles examining toxic as well as pathophysiological mechanisms relevant to the mode of action of chemicals on the human and mammalian organism will continue to be a major focus of our journal. Thirdly, advances in "omics" technologies and systems biology approaches have provided fresh insight into the complex interrelationships among the large numbers of factors involved. Therefore in future, a major challenge will be to model biological systems and quantitatively simulate perturbations by toxic substances. Finally, unrealistic expectations by parts of our society, including some politicians, represent a major challenge to toxicology. One particular example is the unrealistic expectation that animal experiments can be replaced by in vitro techniques within a few years, without increasing the risk of adverse consequences for human health. The opinion that virtually all toxicity testing can be conducted in human cell lines or primary cells and the required dose-response relationships can be achieved by pharmacokinetic models is an easy one to have. Unfortunately, being able to experimentally deliver such results is extremely challenging. Authors who have achieved specific progress in this important field of research are particularly encouraged to submit their results to our journal.

A new feature of the journal is the forum "Letters to the Editor" which allows discussion of topics relevant to toxicology. Importantly, this forum is not limited to articles published in our journal but includes all publications and topics relevant to the field of toxicology. Naturally, the "Letter to the Editor" forum is independent of the editors' opinions and contributions are published as soon as technically possible (online publication within 3 weeks), to stimulate a lively debate on cutting-edge topics in toxicology.


General remarks

Title page

The biological system studied must be indicated in the title [in vivo/in vitro, humans/animal species, cell line(s), etc.]


It is essential that the abstract contain a brief justification for the study. The biological system studied must be clearly indicated, and applied doses/concentrations of the test compound(s) must be specified. Failure to comply with these essentials in toxicology will result in the immediate rejection of the manuscript.


In order to comply with Archives of Toxicology’s high quality standards, the following criteria are essential for original articles:

In the introduction the justification for the study must be clearly explained, and its relevance for toxicology must be clear. It is not sufficient to state that the study was conducted simply because it had never been done before.

In the methodological section (Materials and Methods) the scientific procedure must be described in a way that, in principle, would allow others to reproduce the study. The doses/concentrations of test compound(s) must be clearly specified, and a straightforward justification of the dose selection must be provided. If authors perform their experiments according to standard operation procedures (SOPs) or protocols that are more detailed than the conventional Material and Methods section, they are encouraged to publish the SOPs or protocols as electronic supplements.

The Introduction and Discussion sections must make the essential points, must be concise and avoid repetitions.

Authors should use the option of including Electronic Supplementary Material. Doing so allows them to limit the length of the manuscript and make it more appealing to potential readers without sacrificing scientific information. Authors are encouraged to make the raw data available in an electronic supplement.

If genome-wide data is presented, the raw data must be publicly available.

The study design must be clear, including the number and type of replicas. Please clearly specify whether or not the results were reproduced in independent experiments. At least three independent experiments are required.








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